Are you bored with your regular roof, which sometimes leaks and creaks loudly if a strong wind is raging outside?
We’ve got a much better, romantic solution for your residential roofing life – the skylights.

Those are the transparent alternatives to a regular roofing, composed of a much stronger polymer materials.
Besides that, after replacing your old roof with the new skylights, you will be able to see the starlit sky before you go to sleep…

Either for residential houses, commercial and office buildings or for industrial-grade facilities, the issue of the roof leaks stays relevant as long as the rain is going…
Usually, when our waterproofing experts come in to your premises, they take a few causes, which are generally causing the water leaks and fix them, to protect your building from water damage.

This includes:
– Installing a new coating for your roof

– Repairing shingles & tiles or replacing them with more durable ones

– Repairing minor physical damages to the roof