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We design, develop and engineer innovative products for the outdoor industry

Product Design
Our Product design team is lead by a group of avid outdoorsmen who rely on their experiences in the field, collaboration with team members from their marketing, sales and pro staffers to build in demand, high quality products for the outdoor industry.
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Product Engineering
The multinational product design teams at Prometheus Group consist of highly qualified Mechanical and Electrical engineers in the United States, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and the Philippines. The engineering teams specialize in areas of optical designers, complex circuit board design, wireless and cellular experts as well as a highly talented group of mechanical engineers with many years of experience designing equipment made to survive in harsh outdoor environments.
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Brand Building
Prometheus Group focuses on and is responsive to the demands of the market and has a track record of satisfying customer and retail demands, each year rolling out new products that hunters want and need. In 2012, Prometheus launched the Browning Trail Camera brand to the hunting industry. Prometheus Group markets most lines of trail cameras as a licensee under the Browning name and branding. As much an emblem of the outdoor lifestyle as it is of the Browning brand, the Buckmark is one of the most recognizable symbols in the outdoor goods industry.
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